One year, twenty seven days and one blog post

You know how it goes, you finally get around to doing something and charge ahead “I’ll just throw this up for now, show willing.” So there it stands for one year and twenty seven whole days, a glorious PHP powered SEO’d monument to good intention formed in exquisite HTML, courtesy of WordPress naturally.

Unfinished bridge

So now the question is whether to stand back and marvel at the innovative pillars or knuckle down and lay the roadway atop the clever towers hewn from technology. Instead of steel, concrete and tarmacadam I have just a few words to bridge the chasm between my thoughts and your understanding of them. I will work very hard to make it a solid sturdy bridge, and just hope what I share with you is a destination  worthy of the crossing.

I guess I’ve put it off because I can be a little wordy and far from eliquent when I get caught up in something. I haven’t quite found that line between uncomplicated and patronising and that scares me a lot. I don’t want to take up somones attention and fail to repay that with clarity or, heaven forbid, offence. Confusion is bad, right?

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