The Answer is Luxembourg

This is a comment I left on a Facebook friend’s post asking for the rationale behind a renewed passion for independence in Scotland. Leaving a democratic and sound union in favour of an unstable anti-democratic one is something of a paradox.

My response:

I’ve figured it. The answer to nationalism, the EU and everything is… Luxembourg.

It’s true. If you apply a naive linear regression to GDP, Population, EU Parliamentary slots etc. plotted against realpolitik power in the EU commission that answer is Luxembourg.

It’s the only ‘rational’ model supporting any idea that out of the UK but in the EU is a good idea in determining a nation’s future.

It also explain why Gibraltar is gobby & allied with its good friend – from the other end of the continent. No doubt soon to be joined by The People’s Republic of Islington and the independent micro-state of The Cuntdom of Shoredicth.

Hey, at least it’s a rational explanation.