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The Answer is Luxembourg

This is a comment I left on a Facebook friend’s post asking for the rationale behind a renewed passion for independence in Scotland. Leaving a democratic and sound union in favour of an unstable anti-democratic one is something of a paradox.

My response:

I’ve figured it. The answer to nationalism, the EU and everything is… Luxembourg.

It’s true. If you apply a naive linear regression to GDP, Population, EU Parliamentary slots etc. plotted against realpolitik power in the EU commission that answer is Luxembourg.

It’s the only ‘rational’ model supporting any idea that out of the UK but in the EU is a good idea in determining a nation’s future.

It also explain why Gibraltar is gobby & allied with its good friend – from the other end of the continent. No doubt soon to be joined by The People’s Republic of Islington and the independent micro-state of The Cuntdom of Shoredicth.

Hey, at least it’s a rational explanation.

Blame Obama for Brexit

I suggest the noisy lobby of angry sulk-pots lay blame for Brexit at Obama’s feet. That is if they don’t want to pin it on the good judgement of the majority.

How is it Mr Hopey-Changey-Stuff‘s fault?

Well, when Obama made his intervention in the debate he closed his argument with the absolute wrong thing to say to a British audience. This shows a cultural tone deafness that would meet with incredulity anywhere else.


“And UK’s going to be in the back of the queue”

What on earth was he thinking? Saying such a thing to British people! The prospect of a queue is just too damn appealing to a Brit to resist. You can even detect in Cameron’s follow on a definite tone of “Oh bollocks, he offered them a juicy queue to join. That’s torn it.”

Well done, Barry.

A Brexit Reaction Analogy – Disney Tantrum

The Remainers’ Brexit reaction is basically like you told a five year old you’re going to Disney World on holiday. She then has an almighty tantrum because she wants to go to the Disney Land in France, “Y’know… the real one where Frederick & Jacinta went & met Buggs Bunny”. She’s determined to keep up the tantrum with such intensity that you miss the plane anyway and she smashes up the kitchen.

In the mean time billions has been wiped on the FTSE100… not a peep.