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Blame Obama for Brexit

I suggest the noisy lobby of angry sulk-pots lay blame for Brexit at Obama’s feet. That is if they don’t want to pin it on the good judgement of the majority.

How is it Mr Hopey-Changey-Stuff‘s fault?

Well, when Obama made his intervention in the debate he closed his argument with the absolute wrong thing to say to a British audience. This shows a cultural tone deafness that would meet with incredulity anywhere else.


“And UK’s going to be in the back of the queue”

What on earth was he thinking? Saying such a thing to British people! The prospect of a queue is just too damn appealing to a Brit to resist. You can even detect in Cameron’s follow on a definite tone of “Oh bollocks, he offered them a juicy queue to join. That’s torn it.”

Well done, Barry.